Nail Polish // Air

Phewww, was a long night and with so many ideas and things I wanna do, I get tired just trying to organize my thoughts!
This weekend I just couldn’t let go of the idea of create a system of nail polishes and try to, weekly, bring a new color, following the same styles, but always with a surprise.

The HUD works in two parts, for Slink hands and feet and it has 6 different styles to be applied.

  • Plain: Regular glossy polish application
  • One Coat: Less polish giving to it a translucent touch
  • Moon: The half moon without polish
  • Tips: The french tips style
  • Matte: For the days you are tired of the glossy look
  • Art: Each color, a new and exclusive nail art as a surprise!

Hope you like the idea and the nails! ♥

Buy it here

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